What is Teletherapy

Individuals with limited time and access to counseling now have better options. Teletherapy is a professional term used to describe the method in which a provider offer online counseling. Teletherapy is defined as the following: “Teletherapy is the method of using a high-resolution, live video-conferencing to deliver and provide mental health therapy or counseling services.”

Research has shown that teletherapy aka online counseling is just as effective as face to face counseling, and in some cases, enhances the rate of success. Online counseling can provide one of the highest levels of anonymity that traditional counseling does cannot provide. It is a convenient and discrete method of receiving therapy. It also provides access to high-quality counseling and therapy for people in remote areas or who are disabled. Individual, whose social status in the family, community, and career may requires anonymity to maintain the status quo and preserve their reputations. Online counseling allows clients to feel more comfortable and less stigmatized in discussing issues, conflicts, and/or mental health concerns.


  • Those who prefer online counseling

  • Individuals needing privacy and anonymity.

  • People living in rural area.

  • Good internet connection and access.

  • People with physical or mental health limitations.

  • Limited transportation

  • Limited time to commute to an office.

Teletherapy Etiquette: How to prepare for your online counseling session

1. Please avoid engaging in videoconferencing while you are driving or participating in other activities.

2. Appointment location should be appropriate, safe, and private. Please limit background noises, and make sure you have proper lighting.

3. Please ensure that you, partner, or child is fully dress and wearing proper attire for the appointment.

4. Check your internet connection, speakers, volume, and video to ensure all is in working order.

5. Log-in to the session a few minutes early to ensure you are ready to begin at the scheduled time.

6. To avoid interruptions please do not answer phone calls, texts or surf the web during the appointment.

7. To ensure privacy & confidentiality please make sure your headset with microphone during the session.

8. When preparing for your Online Appointment. Please ensure your browser is up to date when using Microsoft Edge, Fire Fox, or Google.

*Jennifer L. Hillier M.A. LPC reserve the right to end a session if a client engages in behavior deemed inappropriate, offensive, or discriminatory.

Jennifer L. Hillier M.A. LPC & CCTP

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Welcome to Counseling and Therapy

Jennifer L. Hillier is an all inclusive Therapist

  • All People, Bodies, & Disabilities

  • All Races, Ethnicities, & Cultures

  • All Atheist, Spirituality, or Religions

  • All Sexual Orientations

  • All Gender Identities & Expressions

Providing Counseling for Depression and Anxiety to the following area in Texas

  • San Antonio

  • New Braunfels

  • Boerne

  • Bandera

  • Helotes

  • Live Oak

  • Universal City

  • Austin

  • Houston

  • Dallas/Forth-Worth

  • Rural Location throughout Texas

Other Country

  • United Kingdom - for Private pay only

  • Accepting New Clients for Teletherapy Only.

  • Texas Residents 15 years and older.

  • Referrals from PCP & Psychiatrists Welcomed.

  • Most Insurance, EAP, & Medicaid Accepted!

  • OON w/Superbill Provided & Private Pay.

  • Evening & Weekend Appointments Available.

  • Schedule & Manage Your Appointment Online.

  • Currently Not Seeing Client Face to Face

  • All Sessions Conducted Online via HIPAA

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