Private Pay

What is private pay therapy?

Thinking of starting counseling but in need to of complete anonymity due to your identity or profession?

Online counseling can provide the privacy and confidentiality you are looking for. For some individual, their social status in the family, community, and career may requires anonymity to maintain the status quo, avoid stigmatization, personal reasons, preserve reputations, and/or for clearance qualifications needed to maintain employment.

The Benefits of Utilizing Private Pay for Counseling:

Provides the highest standard of privacy and confidentiality for individual needing anonymity. Ability to select the professional who is best suited for you and your family needs. Eliminates requirements to share your personal health information with a third party. There are no set limitations on the number of visits you can schedule with your counselor. Choose the focus, length, and frequency of therapy. Most importantly, there is no mandatory requirement for mental health diagnosis. While insurance can be an affordable option, high deductible can make it unaffordable. Private pay may be more cost effective.

How much does counseling cost out of pocket?

Private Pay Counseling Rate for Jennifer L. Hillier M.A. LPC

Individual Intake Assessment ..... $180.00

Individual Counseling Session ... $150.00

Couple Intake Assessment .......... $230.00

Couple Counseling Session ........ $200.00